Saturday, July 25, 2009

Halloween's Coming!!!!!

OK, so I know we're in the middle of the Summer, but before you know it, Halloween will be right around the corner (I've already gotten an order for Halloween birthday party favors, so I know people are already thinking about all things spooky!)

Even though the bulk of our product line is treats and desserts, I always like to add some different things - things that you won't find anywhere else. No offense to any other soapmaker, but I really enjoy making a product that has people say "wow, that looks so real!" - and I hear that all the time.

Kids of all ages are going to love our Halloween line - the holiday basics will be coming to AJSweetSoap....The spiders, webs, and ghosts...but you know there has to be some treats too....BUT I'M NOT TELLING YET :)

I will give you a peek at one of my items. This was chosen because when I first caught a glimpse of the mold for these, I thought Wow, now that's Halloween!....Then I asked my 10 year old son to take a look and tell me what he thought of them....His response? "Ewwwwww those are cool!" So, they are now part of our line! I'm thinking of making them in "Dirt" fragrance and polishing the nails with Black soap....

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