Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whipped Cream is Just Yummy..even when it's soap

Whipped cream is everyone's favorite - and so it was inevitable that eventually I would be messing around with it for my soap desserts...

So many desserts are delicious as is, but whipped cream makes them all even more decadent...When we first started experimenting with the whipped soap, I didn't hold out much hope for it to work. After all, my items are shipped out all over the world - there's no way a soft, whipped soap would retain it's shape and maintain the integrity of the dessert it's supposed to imitate.

When making these whipped soaps, it takes time and patience - neither of which I have alot of. But, I must say, the result is so worth it! My pumpkin pie and chocolate cream pie slices are just amazing with these whips - and over time, and when made properly, the whip takes on a more solid texture. Not soft, and yet not rock hard either. It's such a great quality soap, that will leave you feeling pampered - I use it all the time for myself!

There are so many projects that I'm thinking of with this yummy cream....Stay tuned!

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