Monday, September 26, 2011

GBK Productions Gift Lounge at the Emmy Awards!

Well, after months of planning and hours and hours of endless preparation, the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards are now history....What an amazing experience filled with anxiety, nervousness and overall giddy excitement being part of the GBK Productions gift lounge. An experience like no other!

I have never been a big Facebook lover, yet I was glued to it for Emmy's weekend...Who's coming and going - who checked out my soap - who tried to eat it - it was just so much fun!

So many great celebrities walked past our display and from the pictures it appears they were all very impressed with the talents of The Artisan Group! Who wouldn't be? The Artisan Group has everything covered, from handmade journals and jewelry, to handcrafted bags and body scrubs. Take a look a few shots that I'm particular proud of...

CS Lee from Dexter!

Fred Willard!

Nia Peeples!

Rico Rodriguez!

I was so happy with these pictures (who can't smile when they see Modern Family's Rico with that sundae? He's just adorable!) but one of the best things is Nia's picture - she's not only posing with my sundae soap, but also the stylish handbag from Tina Dean Designs (believe it or not, that bag is made from recycled plastic bags!) Let's not forget the gorgeous tutu from Atutudes in the background, along with all the beautiful bling from our artisans. She's truly decked out in style!

Rico's comment, "What's this? It looks delicious. Can I eat it? It's SOAP? No WAY!" says it all, and made the whole experience something special!

Check out The Artisan Group to share in other spectacular photos, and visit some of the shops mentioned - you'll be so impressed, and happy that you did!

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