Thursday, January 29, 2009

A New Marketing Strategy - Having an Item Banned From eBay!

Today had to be the most horrendous day at work; if anything could go wrong, it did. Meeting after rediculous meeting - server crashes - loss of internet (of course that's the worst of all), dealing with users who really would prefer using a pencil and notebook (and yes, most of our users still use a physical log book!) . All seemed to settle down and then it happened: I get the email that I never planned for: A message from eBay that one of my soap items was removed due to - get this! Trademark Infringement! Me? The person who overthinks it all? Who worries about every little detail? Really? YEP - really!

Well, for anyone who remembers seeing and ordering my "O" cookies, you'll remember they looked IDENTICAL to the cookies that everyone loves splitting in half and dunking into a glass of milk (wait, wasn't that a commercial? Can I be sued for that too?) My "O" cookies ticked some legal people off some dairy council and my item had to be removed before I would be sued! I read through the rules of eBay, and I gather that I can post them again using a wacky description so that no one could accuse me of stealing anything from the cookie people, but, I figured why take a chance so soon into my journey. So, since I'm still rather new to this all, I figured removing them from eBay would be the best way to go for now. But one day when I come up with a real catchy, non-lawsuit name for them, THEY'LL BE BACK!

And, now that they're contraband, I may make a fortune off all the "underground" orders for those "cookies" that I'm not allowed to mention :)

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