Friday, January 30, 2009

"Crazy Good"

I'm so thankful it's Friday! Work has been so stressful, and today the Mayor gave a speech announcing cutbacks and layoffs for city workers. City Government is always a touchy situation, and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to understand the way things work. The environment has been so gloomy. I'm finding more and more that I look forward to coming home, spending time with the kids, and then spending a few hours of "me" time soaping in the evening. I love coming up with new ideas, and I'm finding that my mind is wandering at work lately, constantly thinking of new, creative things to make. I spend my hour nightly commute planning out what I'm going to try once I get the kids to bed. My soaping has become very therapeutic and a true stress reliever. I can already see how blogging can be so too. Tonight I'll be "painting" some castles and dragons for one of my party orders, and I'm really looking forward to concentrating solely on making them perfect.

One of the brighter spots of the day came today when I glanced at my eBay Feedback from one of my customers. I thought I loved the "awesome" comments - I actually found one better now....My Chocolate Cherry Cordials were called "crazy good!" by my customers' daughter who had received them as a gift (thanks, Debra!) How "awesome" is that???

Now to get the kids to bed so I can be creative! :)

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