Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome Back Contest

Well, I think the best way to get this blog off the ground is to offer a contest....Nothing tricky - just browse through my Etsy shop and come back here to comment on your favorite item. You could choose any of our Valentine's Items, our everyday fun food line, or just pick the very first item you see (I know, some people cheat!) A lot has changed over the past year and my line has grown extensively.

Each comment will receive a number, and the number I select randomly will receive YOUR CHOICE of our newest soaps!

Winner can choose from either our Croissant with Butter soap, potato chips and Dip Food Soap, or our set of Buttercream Roses! The choice is yours!

Winner will be selected on February 28....Good luck!


  1. I would pick the tie dye cupcake. They look so cute!

  2. Really? I have to pick ONE favorite? I can't.
    I really can't.
    But, if I must it will have to be the deviled eggs because they are just too real!
    But then there are the mini donuts which could pass for real easy.
    Oh, I forgot the popcorn which smells so like popcorn you really should not give this to children, or popcorn lovers.

    I love everything in this shop!!!

  3. Yes, I seriously have to pick ONE favourite?? I love them all!!

    Well, I actually do LOVE the new croissant (they are my favourite!!!).

    Among my favourites are breakfast in bed, mac and cheese, oreos, and the cheery bowl of cereal :)

    But if I have to pick ONE favourite .. I have to say, the smore is truly divine!

    (p.s. can you tell that I visit this shop often??? )