Friday, June 26, 2009

The Return to Weight Watchers has me craving dessert.......

.....So expect to see new soapy desserts! If I can't eat 'em, I may as well shower with them!

I have such an urge for a lemon bar - I haven't had one in years but since returning to Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, I am craving all things sweet. I whipped up a lemon bar soap last night and the first one needed some work - the lemon fragrance was a little too realistic...Very lemony - not too sweet. Perfect for 'regular' soap but not for what I'm craving! So, I gathered what seems like thousands of fragrances and made a deliciously sweet lemon fragrance to go with these bars. Combined with the "graham cracker" crust it is delicious!!!!!!! And, I won't be afraid to get on the scale on Monday (well, at least not because of lemon bars!!!)


  1. never been a fan of lemon but after seeing this I am LOL..

  2. You're not a fan of lemon????? Now I take that as a challenge!

    Wait til you see the coffee bar! :)

  3. LOL your challenges scare me a bit it means more money LOL haha

  4. You should be very afraid.....