Friday, July 10, 2009

Look Where We're Showing Up!

Since our move to Etsy (, and now with our "Tweets" we've been getting more recognition than I would have imagined! I've been averaging 6-8 followers on Twitter per day and even though I haven't been fully promoting Facebook, I'm getting followers there, too. This is so much fun!

I received an Etsy Convo from Rayne, who asked if she could spotlight one of my items on her site. I looked over her site (which I always do before anyone's allowed to publish anything of mine!) and I was so impressed with it! So if you check out, you'll see our Chocolate Buttercream Soap featured in their Etsy section. Woo hoo! Spend some time looking around her site - there's a lot of great stuff there, including the work of other talented Etsians!

Later, I received an Etsy convo from Traci, who asked if I would allow her to add my shop to her Top 100 "Fun and Funky Etsy Shop" list. How flattering! So, if you go to you will find AJSweetSoap located at number 18!

Not bad for a day's work :)

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