Saturday, July 11, 2009

There's Always Room For Dessert.....

Check out our newest addition to the AJSweetSoap line - our gelatin fruit mold was inspired because I wanted to add something new, but something a little more different than my usual treats. What better way than with these!

The "gelatin" is our clear glycerin soap, and contains slices of "fruit" soap - pineapple, banana and cherries...strawberries would be awesome too (and anyone who has ordered any of my strawberry soaps can attest that they look and smell awesomely real)....

These smell so good, and the house smells heavenly! Maraschino Cherry and Lime Margarita! YUM!

Sometimes the hardest part about posting my soaps is taking the pictures. Photography isn't my thing at all, and I never get the lighting right. It always upsets me, because there is so much detail that I'm not able to capture! This time, I really wanted to get the "gelatin" look to come out so I took these babies outside to the edge of the pond and used natural light. I think it came out pretty good for a horrible photographer!

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