Monday, July 13, 2009

We're Makin' Fun with BabyMakin'Machine!

Since we've been with etsy, I've been approached by several (much more than several) people looking for donations for their personal blog contests and giveaways. When it comes to charities and good causes, such as supplying the military with much-needed quality soaps and balms, and donating to our favorite animal charities, I always do what I can. I have, however, had to cut back on the personal requests. It's unfortunate, but there's no way I could keep up with it all and still survive on Etsy.

Having said that (doesn't that sound like something Paula Abdul says week after week on American Idol? I swear, if you look back at reruns she says it at least twice every episode, but I digress) I received a request from Jenn, aka Future Mama of BabyMakin'Machine....I checked out her blog and was really impressed with her and how 'put together' her entire blog is. Being a mom myself there was a lot in her Blog that I could relate to. I was more than happy to volunteer my Fortune Cookie soaps to her giveaway, and once I am given the name of her winner, I will be happy to send not only the fortune cookies, but a few extras as well.

Here's the blurb for AJSweetSoap as it appears in

Choose your fortune with AJ Sweet Soap! I know these look good enough to eat, and I'm sure they also smell that way too! But it's actually one of the most creative bath accessories I've seen! Denise's fortune cookie soaps are adorable - and you will love that you can customize these any way you choose! Not only choose the fragrance for the cookies (Almond Biscotti is delicious with these!) but choose the colors as well!You'll receive 12 "cookie" soaps in a decorative takeout container. Great gift idea for yourself or someone special. These also make wonderful party favors - there's so much you can do with these to add that special touch to your occasion! Check out her shop and let me know which fragrances and colors you like! There's sooo many to choose from! And it doesn't just stop there... Her shop has SOOO much yummy bath stuff you've just gotta check out! She's also @ajsweetsoap on twitter and her blog is here.The lucky Winner is Commenter #333 -Read the rules at the bottom to learn how to play!

How cool is that!

Check out Jenn's Blog at and don't forget to check out those American Idol reruns!

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